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Go Green Ganesha Puja KIT

Pack of 1

The procedure for planting eco-friendly Ganesha idol:

  • Place the Ganesha Idol in a bucket along with some water in it, let the idol soak overnight. 
  • The seeds in the Ganesha idol will be released in water.
  • Pour the water-containing seeds in the garden or a pot containing soil or take a half-filled cocopeat in a given pot.
  • Seeds will germinate within few weeks.

Ganesha idol is made up of clay soil which is incorporated with vegetable/Flower/ Fruit seeds. After Ganesh Chaturthi, plant Ganesha idol as instructed to grow auspicious flowering plants


The seed Ganesh idol in this pack shall grow into a vegetable/Flower/fruit plant under favorable climatic/growing conditions.

These are hand-made Ganesh idols so there will be a slight difference in shape and finishing.

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